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"Power" is a song about the current political climate. Capitalism, oligarchy and corporate exploitation are our common enemies and it's time to start acting like it. We released this on 2/3 to coincide with Bandcamps ACLU donation weekend.

Audio clips at the beginning taken from King of The Hill.

#ProtectEachOther #Resist #Queercore


"You wanna kill a nazi? A nazi scazi wazi?"

Every day is The Day Of Remembrance
Every day is a day of resistance
It's taking one helluva toll on everyone I know

Nowdays it's a test of resilience
played to the debt of 22 trillion
Count your pennies and all of your friends
It's time to get connected


Life, liberty and the American way
brought to you by the KKK
It doesn't matter what you do or say
There's no excuse for November 8th


Say Goodnight, Goodnight White Pride!

Fight Fight Fight The Fascists!
You know, you gotta fight the fascists on the home front...


released February 3, 2017
Artwork, lyrics and music by Art Project, 2017.




Art Project California

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